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  1. How to Use, Clean and Store Your Makeup Brush Set

    March 31, 2015 by adminjackie

    Next to selecting the right colors that match your skin tone, application is the most important trick that makes all the difference. Sometimes nothing beats having a nice makeup brush set. Knowing how to use, clean and store the different brushes therefore becomes critical. With the tips outlined below, you’ll properly appl31y your makeup and your brushes will stay in excellent condition for many years.

    Types of Makeup Brushes

    Makeup BrushesWhether it’s blotting your foundation or applying some eyeliner, each brush serves a different purpose;

    Powder brush: It is a soft, fluffy and rounded brush that is great for applying face powders such as bronzers and highlighters. It also comes in handy when distributing powder to set base for your foundation.

    Lip brush: It has a pointed tip and firm bristles. It enables you to apply any lip formula evenly and richly to give your pout that wonderful, perfect finish. When applying lipstick with this brush, start by lining your lips and work them from the center to the edges. Say goodbye to feathery and bleeding lips!

    Angled brush: It’s also fluffy but it has long bristles ideal for creating dimension without distorting the makeup. This brush can also be used for applying face powder.

    Flat brush: This is the one brush for applying foundation. It brings out the perfect blending by hiding pores and creating an even complexion.

    Angled Eyeliner brush: If you love gel liners, this brush is your perfect companion. It has short and firm bristles which gives you control so that you can create a breathtaking cat eye.

    Short firm brush: This brush is great for applying eyeshade along the lid and up to the corner of the eye. Its soft bristles contour and add depth. It’s one of those brushes you can’t afford not to have!

    Cleaning your brushes

    Your makeup brush set should always be clean to avoid the possibility of spreading germs and bacteria on your face. Dirty brushes can cause blemishes and a host of other skin problems hence the importance of keeping them clean and pure. They will also serve you faithfully for years to come.

    Squirt some daily cleanser onto your brushes every time you finish with them. All bacteria will be eradicated and your brushes will stay pristine and ready to use. It is also important to deep-clean each brush regularly. Apart from the synthetic brushes, all the others can be washed with a gentle shampoo or a white bar soap that has a moisturizer. Invest in an alcohol-based cleaner for brushes used with cream and liquid products.

    Storing Makeup BrushesStoring the brushes

    You can keep them in the wrapped leather holders that you bought them in. This prevents the brushes from coming into contact and also makes it easy to carry them around.

    If you keep them at home, put them in a glass mason. Better still get a decorative vase that has coffee beans and beads to hold the brushes upright. Ensure they bristles face upwards so that you don’t distort their shapes.

    Use these tips and you will become a makeup pro. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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